About us

Agile-Sustainability is an offering from Hesys Sustainability Services.

Hesys Sustainability Service was setup early in 2020, to support SMEs improve environmental and financial performance. It became clear that a new and different approach was required to build on the agility and energy of these smaller organisations. It was also intended to help these organisations become more resilient in these times of uncertainty. In order to support this objective, Agile-Sustainability was developed. 

Agile-Sustainability is based on some of the concepts of the Agile software development methodology and also links to some of the concepts in Nassim Taleb’s book, Antifragile, Things that gain from Disorder

In this book he says:

Wind extinguishes a candle and energises fire

It is our objective to help guide our user community towards becoming AntiFragile and being energised by the winds of a disruptive world.

The Hesys Sustainability Services founder is Hugh Thomas-Davies, the Chief Agile-Sustainability Advocate. He has a long background in software and consulting, focusing for most of the last 20 years on partnerships & collaborations. He has an enduring interest in sustainability and a MBA dissertation focused on Corporate Social Responsibility.